Online, Teaching Design functions as a participatory bibliography focusing on collecting and sharing resources on design education from intersectional feminist and decolonial perspectives. While we are far from being the first to talk and write about design education – there is quite a bit of research material and literature on the subject – however, there has been little digital space outside academic circles to bring together resources on the subject. The bibliography exists visually as an Instagram account and textually as google spreadsheet which can be accessed through Teaching Design’s website.
As with the Covid-19 pandemic libraries and bookstores became less accessible, we focused on publishing online sources that are publicly available. These sources are specifically highlighted in the spreadsheet in blue.

Update 2022-02-10:
In the upcoming months we are going to leave Instagram, however our research project will continue! So from spring 2022 onwards, instead of posting on social media, we will be sending out an infrequent newsletter with the latest updates to our bibliography – which will stay accessible via our google spreadsheet – and announcements about our events and workshops. If you’d like to keep in touch with us subscribe to our newsletter here ︎︎︎

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Find the textual bibliography here

We invite contributions from you; design educators, students, alumni, researchers, pedagoges, enthusiasts and others to submit and share the sources which are reference points and/or inspiration to your practice.

Here is how it works:

Take a picture of your book and/or text. If you would like to submit an online publication take a screenshot of the article, video, podcast, etc. The photo should be clear and the title easy to read. Please take the picture without a filter or major color-editing. 

︎︎︎If you don’t have a camera at hand, no worries, just skip this step and go on to the next. 

Share the reference to your book/text with us. This way, others can find it in the library or bookstore of their choice. Our prefered format of referencing is as follows: Author/Editor. Title. Publisher. Year of publishing.
For online publications, please send us the web link.

Add a quote or a comment if you feel inspired.
The number of characters per source (incl. reference, quote, hashtags etc.) should not exceed 2.000.

Send us your picture and corresponding text via e-Mail or as direct message to our Instagram account. You can share as many sources as you find relevant.

Thank you!

As Teaching Design is an ongoing research project, there is no deadline. Your submission will be reviewed and then shared on our Instagram account and as textual reference in our google spreadsheet. Please note, that we aim to gather resources which approach design, design history and design education from intersectional-feminist and/or decolonial perspectives. We therefore reserve the right not to publish sources that do not comply with this framework.